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Dynah Joy (pronounced Deena :) has always been interested in Energy Medicine.

Even while practicing as a board-certified pediatrician in southern California for almost 14 years, she managed to convince her nurses to try customized flower essences “just for fun.”  Her three daughters also grew up just as familiar with homeopathic remedies, as conventional medicine and procedures. 

In 2004, Dynah chose to follow her passion for spirituality and retired her medical degree early to devote time and energy to follow her heart and soul.  For the next 16 years, she assisted in a spiritual seminar company, honing her skills in a wide variety of areas while continuing the “inner work.”

One of these areas of opportunity was in the field of copywriting and marketing, where she combined her natural writing skills with a spiritual bent, assisting the company in various “spiritual marketing” launches and campaigns.

Another area incorporated her lifelong love affair with animals, as she was in charge of managing the care of several dogs, cats, and a horse which she adored.  (in fact, she initially chose pediatrics as a specialty precisely because pediatricians were considered “the veterinarians of medicine.”)


Following 2020, and a change in the seminar company, Dynah found herself on yet another exciting life adventure!  This time, it circled back to her interest in Energy Medicine when she was introduced to Dave Burrows and Bioenergy Plus.


Right away, Dynah saw the value of what NES Health and Bioenergetics offers as a leading-edge technology based on ancient healing wisdom.  She tried it for herself, and noticed a subtle but very clear difference in her own energy field and life.  It was then she decided this was her next path, and in her words, “This is the future NOW, people!  What are we waiting for?!?”  (cue huge grin and mischievous laughter.)


Currently, Dynah is putting her previous experience to good use at Bioenergy Plus as a “Communications Concierge," mainly because she enjoys writing and dabbling in “techy webby” stuff.  She has also joined Dave at Bioenergy Plus as a certified NES Health practitioner, with a special interest in animals and children.


In the meantime, she resides in San Diego County and takes advantage of nearby walking trails, beaches, and mountains, while catching novels between email blasts, and discussing life wisdom along with the latest Netflix series with her grown daughters.

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