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When our beloved 4-legged best friends d

With the 
NES Animal WellNES system!

As mentioned earlier, the NES Health for Animals system is a powerful, energy-based protocol that allows you to literally see what is going on with your four-legged companion below the surface, even at the cellular level!  


It does this by using the science of Bioenergetics to detect patterns of energy within an animal.

What is Bioenergetics?

Bioenergetics is based on a principle called "energetic body-field."

Science has found that this energy field regulates information that basically affects the physical health - of both humans and animals, alike.


This energetic body-field is a complex, structured network of energy that underlies all physiology - including biology, biochemistry, and cellular and enzyme functions.

If you're familiar with energetic medical systems like acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, or Jin Shin Jyutsu, then you get an idea of how complex - and dynamic - this energy body-field really is.

You could say that this energetic body-field (or human body-field - HBF - as NES calls it) is like the Master Control Panel for all living things.

energetic body-field
What happens when this "energetic body-field" doesn't work properly?

Well as you can imagine, when there are distortions or blockages in the energy communication between all your body systems, it starts to break down.

The result? An animal (or human) that isn't feel its best.


  • Energy starts to wane. 

  • Digestion is disrupted.

  • Appetite decreases or even increases.

  • Thinking isn't clear.  

  • Moods swings appear.

  • Immunity isn't efficient.

  • Major organs are affected etc. etc.


And eventually, dis-ease in the body, with all the symptoms that come with it, in various stages, sets in.

sad calico cat.png
sad frenchie.png
What causes these Energetic Blockages?
energetic blockages

In short, many things.

However, some of the most problematic issues for animals in particular, are:

  • toxins in the environment like toxic metals and chemicals, even pet food that may contain trace toxins.

  • electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) from wireless internet, computers, cell phones, and cell towers etc.

  • stress at home - animals are acutely tuned-in to their human "pack" and if you're stressed out for any reason, they sense it. They may even try to take some of it on for you, including physical diseases like cancer.

  • trauma - past or present. If you have a rescue animal, there's a good chance they've experienced some sort of trauma, either physically or emotionally.

parts of animal wellness
What are the parts of the NES Health Bioenergetics
Animal WellNES program?
  1. Assess - by doing a Bioenergetic body scan that takes just seconds, we can read over 150 factors in your animal's "energetic body-field" and related physiology.

  2. Give corrective information - After assessing and prioritizing your pet's needs, NES health is able to recommend the infoceuticals that will best serve them.

  3. Re-juvenate - Using the optional miHealth PMF device, you are given settings that can add even more power to quickly unblock energetic pathways.

In short:

The Bioenergetic scan creates a blueprint of your animal's energetic field.

The Infoceuticals correct the found blockages.

The miHealth PEMF device is an optional power tool to speed up and enhance recovery.

What is actually involved in doing a scan on my animal?
scanning animal

As you rightly guessed, there are some differences in scanning your faithful companion compared to a human, although a lot is very much the same.  Below, are details regarding both:

Steps for scanning:

​Assuming you already have a NES portal log-in and a Bioenergy Plus paid membership set up for your animal companion:

  1. Download the NES scanning software and connect your device directly to your computer or scan to your phone via bluetooth.

    • Your scanner comes with a "Getting Started Guide."  If you would like to see more detailed directions, click Here.​


  2. Place the NES Health Scanner on the body of your animal.

    • A place where there is little fur is best
      We usually recommend the belly, either by having them lay on their back or slipping the scanner under their belly as they are lying down.

    • However, if that's difficult, placing it on their back or side can often work as well.

    • Try to do it without having to hold them, as your energy field can interfere with your animal's energy field and give mixed signals.

    • As long as the device says, "Body Field Detected" you're good to go!


  3. Once the scan is complete​, go ahead and remove the scanner and store in a safe place. We recommend wiping the scanner with disinfectant or alcohol wipes between different uses.​ 

    You're now ready to get the scan results...

animal scan results
Smart Dog

Of course, if our loyal companions could read the scan themselves, they would...but since they're probably not feeling that great, they rely on you!

Getting the results:

The procedure for accessing your animal's scan results, is essentially the same as for accessing your own human results. 

Here's some sneak previews of what a scan result could look like for your:

Cat - Energy Source Screen.jpg
Cat ED1 - Source.jpg
Dog - Energy Source Screen.jpg
Dog ET0 - CNS.jpg
Horse - Energy Source Screen.jpg
Horse ET0 - CNS.jpg

If this system is something you would love to be able to use on your loyal four-legged friends, click the button below:


Infoceuticals are specially encoded water drops that interact directly with the animal body-field to remove and resolve blockages.

Infoceuticals contain a unique configuration of filtered water that allows it to be imprinted with special "energy information'' that can then speak to the water in your animal's body.


Your animal's body receives this energetically encoded information as a "map" of what a perfect energy flow in that area looks like.


Their body then tries to emulate this wholesome pattern, triggering their own innate healing abilities.

(By the way, it's works the same way in humans.  We, too, have this inherent healing ability!)

In fact, if you'd like to see a really cool and informative look at the True Power of Infoceuticals, here's a video featuring Harry Massey, the co-founder of NES Health talking about how they changed his life forever:

Additional Things to Know regarding Infoceuticals and Animals:

  • Animals are extremely sensitive to energy medicine. Therefore, the infoceutical dosages that you see are much lower than what would be recommended for most humans. Generally, it will be 3-4 drops per day. (Most humans are started at an average of 15 drops per day.)

  • Infoceuticals - these specially encoded water drops are the remedies that are recommended, based on the scan results. 

    Below are specific tips when administering infoceuticals to animals:

  • Drop it directly in their mouth. Be careful if using the glass dropper, as they might bite down on the dropper. You can use a plastic syringe as illustrated.

  • Add it to their drinking water - a place you know they will be drinking.

  • Add it to their food immediately before eating. They need to eat it all at once, however, to ensure they get all the drops.

  • Place it directly on their skin or fur.  An easy place is parting the hair on their back and dropping it onto their skin or behind their ears.

    If it doesn't seem to absorb right away, don't worry.  It's working energetically. And yes, it's ok for them to lick an area that drops have been applied.

​Infoceuticals are generally extremely safe, non-toxic, non-invasive, and with very little to no issues with other medications your pet may be taking.

It is important to note, however, that because animals are very sensitive to energy, it is imperative to NOT give them more than the recommended dosages, especially in the beginning.

Some animals, like people, may have a "strong response" to a particular remedy.  It is basically de-toxifying unsupportive energy. 


The physical body can react by appearing to get "worse" - decreased energy, rashes, digestive issues etc. - for a few days, before ​starting on the healing path.**


**If this continues for several days without improvement at all, please contact our office for advice and support.

Girl and Horse

These "strong responses" are quite uncommon, however.  The vast majority of our animal companions respond very well and show positive changes quite quickly. 

Some horses have even been known to constantly "nudge and prod" their keepers for more, even after they've gotten their dose!  They know what's good for them, for sure!

More on miHealth PEMF Therapy:
nes-mihealth-green grass.png

The NES miHealth device is a hand-held PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) biofeedback device that can both scan a human or animal body-field and treat blockages in energetic pathways.

It emits pulsed electromagnetic frequencies to identify imbalances and distortions, then helps to clear them.

The reason it is considered OPTIONAL in this system is because although it is a magnificent device, it is not truly necessary in order to help your faithful companion on their healing journey.

It is also a significant investment, though most owners who have the device would say is definitely worth it.

Health Benefits of the miHealth Device

The general benefit of the miHealth device for animals is that it is a non-invasive and very effective way to reduce pain and stress and to speed up healing by stimulating stem cell production. It has also been proven that it:

  • Relieves soreness, stiffness, arthritic conditions, ligament, tendon, muscle or bone injury.

  • Improves circulation by opening and dilating arteries and capillaries.

  • Regenerates damaged and diseased tissue.

older dachshund.png
cat in cast.png
  • Enhances the synthesis of protein cells, allowing the body to take advantage of all protein available.

  • Supports a normal immune system response.

  • Aids in recovery after injury or illness.

  • Helps with the treatment of bone fractures and torn tendons.

  • Penetrates deep to relieve muscle soreness.

  • Increases cellular level of oxygen absorption (in some studies up to 200%)

  • Keeps animals supple, relaxed, and fit.

      And believe it or not, more!

golden retriever running.png

According to a NES Health Bioenergetic Animal WellNES Veterinarian Practitioner,
Dr. Michelle Elgersma,
"Normally the treatments are not felt by the patient.  A few may show awareness of the energy fields by licking the miHealth or shifting around, but they don't feel any discomfort."


And for your viewing pleasure, here is a short video on what the miHealth device did for a rather uncontrollable bull:

Cost Information
Cost considerations:

We know this has been a lot of information.  We also hope it gives you a fairly good idea what the NES Animal WellNES system is about and what it has to offer.

On the one hand, what is the price of a happy, loving companion animal that gets to live out its full potential, being as healthy and lively as possible, right by your side?

The answer of course:  Priceless.

Dogs on a Bench

This is where we at BioEnergy Plus feel we can help you
and give you incredible value. 



Not only is this system something we feel strongly and passionately about (because it works!) but we can save you some money as well!

We don't need to tell you that taking your loved one to the veterinary clinic can be costly.


A simple visit can run anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on what's needed!  We know.

On the other hand, the total cost to be able to treat your animal companion from home, using our high-speed, scientifically-backed, painless,
non-invasive, bioenergetically honed system?


  • 1 scanner (that works for you as well) - $75, one time.

  • Monthly membership to access scan results and any other items that will be available to members - $20 per month​ per being (animal or human)

  • Infoceuticals - varies.  However, one bottle costs $30 (with the membership discount) and lasts for approximately 4-6 weeks, depending on the dosage.  If your animal is recommended the maximum 5 bottles, the most for one month would be $150.

The first-time investment to treat your very own
"bundle of unconditional love?"


          $245 (if you need a scanner)   or    $170 (if you already have a scanner)


  • You get to scan up to 5 times a month.

  • You have access to incredible information in that portal.  (It might take a whole month just to see and digest all that's available for you!)

  • You receive advanced notice of any specials in the BioEnergy Plus / NES Health World

  • You get access to any member's discounts available throughout the year

  • And as long as you remain a member, you get the same number of scans available per month, and access to anything and everything that will be added to the Member's area over time.

This, of course, is not even mentioning the REAL value of
taking advantage of this system of wellness... 


That is, a faithful companion who feels better, has less pain or discomfort,

potentially lives longer, and as a result, gets to make your heart
fuller and fuller with each passing day!

Now this is what we would call a "win-win" situation!

smiling asian woman with rott.png
dog loving gray cat.png
smiling guy with cat.png

So there it is.  A more in-depth look at what the NES Health Bioenergetics for Animal WellNES system entails.

But don't think that this is comprehensive by any means!  Honestly, this is just the tip of the iceberg, compared to the amount of information you will actually have access to on your pet's scan (or your own human one, for that matter!)

We hope it is enough, however, to consider giving it a go for your four-legged family members.

It really is a very safe alternative that can do wonders for your animal's quality of life, no matter how old (or young) they presently are.

And as I just explained, it's a cost-effective method, even if you do end up only using it to help them recovery after a necessary vet visit.

So if you're ready to try it out, we welcome you and your animal wonders to the exciting, innovative world of the NES Animal WellNES system! 


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