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You can be an _Animal Whisperer!_ (1).pn

With the help of

NES Health Animal WellNES 

for your

Animal Companions!

It's every owner's nightmare when their "bundles of unconditional love" go from bright-eyed, bushy-tailed balls of boundless energy like this:


To well...NOT.

sick cat - gray striped hand to
Yorkshire Terrier at the Vet
Cute Cat


Their energy is down, along with their appetite. They have that "I'm not feeling
so great, mom or dad" look, but you can't seem to figure out what's causing it.


Yes, you could take them to your vet (with all the stress - and cost - that could entail) but there IS something else you can do as well - something that you can do right from home that is: 

  • Totally painless

  • Only takes seconds

  • Gives you invaluable information you can act on alone or...

  • Information you can even use to help your vet with your pet

And what is it? SCAN THEM!

Horse Whisperer

Just like the NES Health scan for humans, the
NES Animal WellNES system is a customized program that combines the best of many worlds:

  • Bioenergetics

  • Eastern medicine

  • Quantum Physics and

  • Modern technology

Backed by over 30 years of scientific studies and research, this innocent-looking tool is designed to read your animal's "energetic body-field." This is the energy field in and around living beings. It basically controls the biology, physiology and overall, workings of the body.

And when that all-encompassing energy flow is blocked or distorted in some way, the result is like you would imagine:

  • Health deteriorates.

  • The body's biochemistry breaks down.

  • Disease and all the symptoms that go with it, find a place to "show up and hang out."


With three decades of research to back it, NES Health has found that the root causes of a great many physical ailments and issues are blockages and distortions of this "energetic body-field."


They've also found that clearing these energy pathways, or meridians, restores the integrity of the body's master "operating system."  The body then has the clear signals it needs to start healing itself, just as it was inherently and innately designed to do!

In other words, an animal wellNES scan can help your
animal companions live their best, healthiest lives yet!
Image by Koen Eijkelenboom
Image by Alvan Nee
Image by Library of Congress
How the NES Animal WellNES scan works:

The NES Animal WellNES system uses the powerful science of Bioenergetics to "read" patterns of energy in your animal's body. 


In mere seconds, the scanner can detect over 150 factors that are contributing to your pet’s health, including nutritional, emotional, and environmental issues. 


It can also read where energy systems in these different areas are blocked or need support.  It then gives recommendations to help open and rebalance what's "off."​​

For more detailed and in-depth information about the NES Animal WellNES system

Click HERE.

Otherwise, read on for a summary of what is involved...

Benefits of NES Animal.png

Intrigued enough to get started right now?  Great!  There are just 3 main steps to be able to scan them and get results:

  1. Sign your animal companion up for a Free NES Health Portal.
    This is where their scan results and recommendations will be available.


  2. Purchase a NES Health scanner.
    If you already own one, this step is taken care of. You can use the very same one on them!


  3. Register your faithful companion for a BioEnergy Plus Paid Membership.
    This is so you can have access to the scan results, which NES Health only releases through a licensed practitioner.


       For details and information on the COST of getting started click HERE.


If you just KNOW this is something you'd like to do right away,
click the button below:

Setting-up the Scanner:

  • The scanner does comes with a "Getting Started Guide" for setting it up.  It is not very
    detailed, however, and could leave you with some questions. If you'd like more detailed instructions or "tips and tricks" to setting up the scanner, click HERE.


Scanning your Animal:​

  • As you can imagine, there are also some unique instructions for scanning your furry companion. For detailed pointers on doing this successfully, click HERE.


Getting the Results:

  • There are a few steps for this as well.  For some, it may be self-explanatory.  For others, maybe not so much! If you'd like some illustrations on this step, click HERE.

NES Animal Scan Reveals - Info

You now have an idea of what a NES Animal WellNES scan can show you about your animal companion's overall health, as well as the benefits of using this system for bringing them back into balance.

This system actually CAN help you "see" what is going on with your furry friend, beyond what is obvious to the naked eye. 


By reading their energy in multiple different areas, the scan will tell you what your animal wishes they could say in words...

Two dogs
  • What areas are working just fine for them? 

  • What systems and organs need energetic help? 

  • What toxins have they possibly been exposed to?

  • Is their diet the best for them?

  • Are they allergic to a certain food or substance?

  • What are they feeling or thinking that is affecting their health?

      and so much MORE...​

In others words, the NES Animal WellNES scan answers the most basic question of all:
What is wrong? 


More importantly, it answers this one for you as well:

What can I do to help?

So if you're ready to take on the auspicious role of
"Animal Whisperer" for your beloved animal companions,
you're just a click away:

Treatment Options:

There are two main healing modalities offered in the NES Health Bioenergetic Animal WellNES system - Infoceuticals and the miHealth device.


These are specially encoded water drops that provide a "map" of what a perfectly working and balanced energetic system looks like.

They "talk" to the water in your animal's body, which responds by trying to emulate the precious information, bringing them back to balance and harmony.

The result?  Improved health and often times, even complete cures.

To learn more about these liquid "miracle workers" and the specifics of how they are used, click HERE.

infoceuticals - blue caps.jpg
MiHealth frontback2.jpg

This is an optional treatment, that is powerful and effective.

It is a handheld device that emits a specialized combination of PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic frequencies) using biofeedback technology.

It detects energetic distortions, then unblocks the affected pathways to allow energetic information to flow through the animal's body properly, providing immediate support.

If you'd like to know more about this revolutionary device, click HERE.

One more thing:


We want to be clear - The NES Animal WellNES system does NOT take the place of surgery or emergency care. 


If your family pet or animal has an accident or needs trauma surgery, by all means do what is necessary. 


However, infoceuticals (and the miHealth device) can certainly make the ordeal less traumatic and can even help speed recovery!

So there you have it.  The essentials (and a little extra) of what is involved with doing a NES Animal WellNES scan on your precious animal companion.

If this is something you are interested in - even testing it out for a month - we highly encourage you to give it a try. 


Quite honestly, what's the worst that can happen?  It doesn't work completely or as quickly as we would hope. 


But the BEST that can happen? 


Well, here's a short video clip of Dr. Rob Willis, an Australian veterinarian sharing some experiences he's had using the NES Animal Health system:

Although Dr. Willis is primarily talking to other NES Health practitioners - here's the beauty of it: You can do the same thing for your animal companions as well!

You don't need a degree and you certainly don't need to be a veterinarian. 


Dr. Willis scanned his patients and followed the recommendations, which is exactly what you are able to do with the NES AnimalWellNES scan and results.

So you see, stating that you could actually be an "Animal Whisperer" using the NES Health Animal WellNES system for your pets is not really an exaggeration. 

It can be a reality for you AND your beloved furry family member!

So if you're ready to introduce your own Animal Companion to a revolutionary health system that was tested on humans first (now that's a first!)
and has helped countless "Best Friends" to live 
healthier and more joyous lives to the end...



(It will take you to a page that has all the necessary links.)


Wishing you and your Animal Companions the best
Health and Wholeness possible, as always,

Dave Burrows
Founder, BioEnergy Plus

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