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NES Body-field Scanning

This system uses modern electronics to generate a field that interacts with the body-field, allowing for two-way field communication between your body and the scanner. A single scanning session addresses each unique test item in a proprietary way. During every scan each item is addressed at high frequency to check and re-check for matches in order to provide the most accurate result possible.

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The Recommendations

Beneficial recommendations for the Infoceuticals™  and miHealth settings that best support your Body-Field based on the results of the scan

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Energy Source

How your Body-Field acts in response to Day/Night cycles and the Big Fields of the Earth itself

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Energy Strength

How much strength is available in the individual fields that make up your unified Human Body-Field

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Energy Flow

The integrity of your Body-Field’s information pathways so that correct communication can take place throughout the body

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Energy Rejuv

The areas of your Body-Field that can be assisted by and benefit our miHealth correctional device

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The Environmental

The variety of environmental factors that may have caused damage to the Body-Field or that your Field is unable to correctly deal with. This may or may not mean that this factor is currently or physically in someone’s environment

Energetic Immunity

Your Body-Field’s ability to defend and repair itself bioenergetically

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Mind Body

Where emotional loops may be imprinted in the Body-Field by shock and trauma as well as long-term, unhealthy thought patterns

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Nutrient values within the Body-Field to address whether your body can correctly metabolize these nutrients from a bioenergetic perspective

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Your body provides itself with mini information networks which function as subsystems of the more complex Big Body-Field and act as metabolic pathways governing energy usage

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The Life Journey

Deep insights into your internal journey. Items in this insightful portion of your scan indicate imbalance or a strong energy around those items to be further explored by you for personal development and holistic healing

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Actionable Results

Through the results collected in the Body-Field scan, the

NES Health system empowers you with a collection of actionable items that you are able to address in a variety of modalities.

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