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Virtual Wellness Center


Self-empowered Healing!


           At Bioenergy+ those three words “self-empowered healing” embodies our mission and our passion. It is our intention to help people restore their energy and health along with helping them become more aware of just how much influence they have with their own health. We do this with science-based technologies and new holistic therapeutic solutions that reconnect them with their own innate healing power, which restores optimal health and well-being throughout the body, mind and spirit.

We are using the NES Health System which is the most efficient and educational platform on the planet. The convenience and affordability of being able to do this from your own home is truly an amazing leap forward in energy medicine.


Our Remote System has three remarkably simple steps.

1)    Using Voice Analysis to get a detailed report of the Human Body Field.

2)    Use the recommended Infoceuticals from the scan results

3)    Use the miHealth PEMF device to release any blockages or trigger                 points identified during the scan and jumpstart the wellness process.

In addition to our NES Health system, our team of practitioners are available to work with you on an individual basis, based on your specific needs, whether it is for your children, your pets, your nutrition, life journey, or other specific health needs, we have the practitioner that will be able to help support you with your wellness journey.

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Meet The Bioenergy Plus Team

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