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Setting up your Scanner & Accessing your Results

- Tips & Tricks -

There is a "Getting Started Guide" that comes with your scanner, but it's not very detailed.


Over the years, I've found it helpful to give a sort of "insider's tips" to getting started, and make it that much easier for you to get going.


So here it is...




For laptop or desktop

  1. Attach the smaller charging port into your NES Health Scanner and plug the other end into an available USB port.

    -- It will flash red at first, then turn blue when ready to scan.

  2. Log-in to your NES Self-health Portal. For those doing it for your animals companion, make sure it is the specific NES Portal information for them.

  3. Click on the Resources tab on the top left of the portal home page. It looks like this:

Setting up scanner

4. Next, you will see this pop in:


5. Click on the "Download Scan Software" circled above, and you will see this:


6. Pick your operating system (Windows or Mac) and follow the instructions.

7. Once downloaded, you will automatically see this pop-up: 


8. Click on the Scan icon circled above.

9. Log into the screen below using the NES health portal email & password. This is true for each human individual or individual animal.

Note for your Logging in for your ANIMAL:  enter you (the owner's) email and add #your pet's registered first name at the end to access their results.

For example:


10. Once logged in, place your hand over the mouse-like scanner and you'll see the scan in action! It'll look something like this  (anatomically matching if you're a male or female, of course):


11. Once complete, you'll get a screen that tells you it was successful:


Using the scanner with your mobile device - phone or tablet

Basically, this is done using the bluetooth function on your phone, with the scanner nearby.

  1. Download the Energy4Life app from your app store.

  2. Gently touch the scanner on the top to switch it on - the light on the scanner will turn green and you will feel a vibration.

  3. Log in to your portal through the Energy4Life app.

  4. Click SCAN on the Energy4Life app.

  5. Pair it with your device.

    • Go to the Bluetooth section of your settings​

    • You will see the scanner name or number that matches the label on your scanner.

    • Ok the pairing.

    • Once the scanner is paired with your device, the light will turn blue.

  6. Follow the on screen instructions of the Energy4Life app.​

  7. You should be able to see your scan results on your device immediately,
    through the Energy4Life app.

GETTING THE RESULTS on your laptop or desktop:
  1. The scan results should be available for you to see almost immediately. Just go back to the portal and click on the "Scans" icon:

Getting scan results

Then you will see a page where the number of scans and the dates will be listed like below. 


Click on the scan you want to view and that, my friend,
opens you up to a whole 'nother world of energy medicine!

2. While you are able to view your scans immediately, I will also be reviewing them to make sure the scan makes sense and isn't way off, based on my experience.

3. If you're short on time, or just want to "cut to the chase," click on the recommendations tab that looks like the red circled icon below:


Things to Know About the Scan Results

Reading the scan results and interpreting them and understanding them in their entirety is a whole other adventure onto itself!

We encourage you to explore as much as you choose. But in all honesty, it could take quite some time, if you choose to embark on that journey.

Our goal here at BioEnergy Plus is to continue adding helpful information to our member's site, to assist you on that journey, in small, digestible bites. 


We also hope to add additional information, not necessarily listed on the NES site, from our collective experience in the healing field that can assist you as well.

But regardless of whether you totally understand the results and what they mean, there is one statement that we would like to emphasize.  And that is this: 


With over 30 years of research and experience, literally doing thousands of scans on people (and animals!) - this is the one thing that has been proven time and again.

Energy doesn't lie.  When the scan is working properly, it reads what is truly going on, no matter what the subject may believe.

This is something you can literally stake your health on.  Legions already have, with remarkable results.

By joining our scan membership you, too, become a part of this
 same Self-empowered Healing Community!

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