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Signing up for the FREE NES Self-Health Portal is a great place to start!


In addition to giving you access to any scan results (handheld scanner or voice), it's an entryway to the following amazing content:



  • "Has Nothing Worked for Your Health? This is Probably Why"

  • "The Secret to a Strong Immune System You've Never Heard Of"

        and more...



  • CHOICE POINT - will help you, too, achieve abundance, success and align your purposes.

  • THE LIVING MATRIX - THE movie, that has helped thousands of people on their journey to health and wellbeing!

  • SUPERCHARGED - Bring energy into YOUR life and watch the movie, that has helped thousands of people regain and SuperCharge their energy, health and purpose.



  • Bruce Lipton - "Reprogramming Our Reality"

  • JJ Virgin - "Outwitting the Darkness Within"

  • Harry Massey - "Managing Stress During Times of Uncertainty"

      and more...​

But wait, there's more...

Body-Field Sound Healing-min.jpg


Music and Sound is healing - included are the full album tracks for "Body-Field Sound Healing" and
"Journey through the Matrix" by sound healer

David Gibson, and Harry Massey.

Journey Through The Matrix-min.jpg


  • Organic Cranberry Cleansing Smoothie | Integrator 5

  • Pink Grapefruit Avocado Baby Arugula Salad | Integrator 5

  • Organic Burdock Root, Ginger Tea With Lemon | Integrator 5

and so much more...


EXERCISES - that correspond to the 4 elements and the benefits of each:

  • AIR - cobra pose, cat pose, camel pose

  • EARTH - shoulderstand, hero pose, eagle pose

  • WATER - bridge pose, crescent lunge, pigeon pose

  • FIRE - boat pose, chair pose, revolved lunge

But seriously, there's more...


BOOKS - The Energy4Life Book is a 133 page ebook that covers topics like:

  • Why modern healthcare isn’t what it claims to be

  • Why nutrition is important … but still missing half the story in how the body works

  • Many ways to charge the body’s battery … and why each is important

  • Why stress is NOT something to avoid (if it’s the right stress)

and more...


  • Early Life Stress and the Impact on Health Across a Lifetime | with Niki Gratrix

  • The Miracle of Liquid Infoceuticals

  • A short introduction to miHealth

  • Our Story - How NES Health started with a simple question - "How can we help someone heal if he’s too sick to get out of bed?" 



  • Choice Point Masterclass - A 4-part series on Aligning with your true Purpose

  • Using miHealth to Reduce Stress & Boost Immunity 

  • Support Your Immune System RIGHT Now 

  • Managing Stress During Times of Uncertainty

And finally...

If you're ready to take an exciting 

FREE First Step to:

  • Take more control of your health and well-being...

  • Learn simple but powerful holistic practices you can easily do from home right now…

  • Find out more about leading-edge health technology that is gentle, pain-free and proven effective...


  • Feel more energized, less stressed, more balanced, and just feel Healthier overall…?

Then the Free Self-Health Portal is For You!

By the way, registering for the Free NES Self-Health Portal automatically makes you a member of the

Bioenergy Plus FREE Membership.

What does that mean?

  • Easy access to your Self-Health Portal - just bookmark the
    NES Self-Health Portal and Log-in with the information you receive by email when you sign up. You can access your portal any time, for a lifetime. 
    There's never an obligation to buy.

  • Access to your very own NES scan results - for both humans AND animals!

    Should you decide to do the actual NES scan and get results that are yours alone, and access to unique recommendations just for you - signing up for the Self-Health portal is the very first step.  Want to know more about how to get your own scan and results? Click here.


  • Be the first to hear about any specials, discounts or exciting news in the Bio-Energy Plus/ NES Health world.

I look forward to being a humble gateway on your journey to self-empowered health and wellness!


       Dave Burrows

            BioEnergy Plus

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