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Bioenergy+ has partnered with NES Health as independent practitioners to provide leading edge bioenergetic insights available to you, in your home at any time. Use the self-help files provided with your scan results or call on our dedicated practitioners for a consultation.


One System to Decode The Human Body System

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The easiest, most effective, and educative platform in bioenergetic healing


Remote Scanning

Using Voice Analysis

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Scan from the comfort of home and utilize the self help files of your scan results or opt in for a consultation with a dedicated practitioner


NES Infoceuticals

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Designed to be taken at home in an ongoing daily protocol, NES Infoceuticals empower you to address your body’s energy environment. Encoded with corrective information these solutions help your body return to more health and wellness by aiding in turning on the body’s self-repair system.

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Self Empowered Healing!


At Bioenergy+ those three words “self empowered healing” embody our mission and our passion. It is our intention to help people transcend their disharmony to experience the joy of well-being. We do this with science-based technologies and new holistic therapeutic solutions that reconnect them with their own innate healing power, which restores optimal health and well-being throughout the body, mind and spirit. The convenience and affordability of being able to do this from your own home is truly an amazing leap forward in energy medicine.


Our Remote System has two remarkably simple steps:

1)    Using Voice Analysis get a detailed report of the Human Body Field.

2)    Use the recommended Infoceuticals from the scan results.

Designed to restore your energy and gain back your health!


"Probably my greatest NES Health testimony is a client that had severe auto-immune disease and after being on NES for less than two years she no longer takes medication, is able to work and has a normal life and best of all her Doctor gave her a clean bill of health"

Deborah Holt

Nutritional Counselor

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