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Welcome MGP Members!

Below is more information on the Free Self-Health Portal you have access to, once you complete the registration form, linked to any of the buttons below.

Signing up also gives you access to your first Voice Scan FREE, as well as the results.

If you have already signed up, great!  Simply go to the "Log-in Screen" link, put in your log-in information and you will have ready access to all the amazing information, highlighted below and MORE!



  • "Has Nothing Worked for Your Health? This is Probably Why"

  • "The Secret to a Strong Immune System You've Never Heard Of"

        and more...



  • CHOICE POINT - will help you, too, achieve abundance, success and align your purposes.

  • THE LIVING MATRIX - THE movie, that has helped thousands of people on their journey to health and wellbeing!

  • SUPERCHARGED - Bring energy into YOUR life and watch the movie, that has helped thousands of people regain and SuperCharge their energy, health and purpose.



  • Bruce Lipton - "Reprogramming Our Reality"

  • JJ Virgin - "Outwitting the Darkness Within"

  • Harry Massey - "Managing Stress During Times of Uncertainty"

      and more...​

But wait, there's more...

Body-Field Sound Healing-min.jpg


Music and Sound is healing - included are the full album tracks for "Body-Field Sound Healing" and
"Journey through the Matrix" by sound healer

David Gibson, and Harry Massey.

Journey Through The Matrix-min.jpg


  • Organic Cranberry Cleansing Smoothie | Integrator 5

  • Pink Grapefruit Avocado Baby Arugula Salad | Integrator 5

  • Organic Burdock Root, Ginger Tea With Lemon | Integrator 5

and so much more...


EXERCISES - that correspond to the 4 elements and the benefits of each:

  • AIR - cobra pose, cat pose, camel pose

  • EARTH - shoulderstand, hero pose, eagle pose

  • WATER - bridge pose, crescent lunge, pigeon pose

  • FIRE - boat pose, chair pose, revolved lunge

But seriously, there's more...


BOOKS - The Energy4Life Book is a 133 page ebook that covers topics like:

  • Why modern healthcare isn’t what it claims to be

  • Why nutrition is important … but still missing half the story in how the body works

  • Many ways to charge the body’s battery … and why each is important

  • Why stress is NOT something to avoid (if it’s the right stress)

and more...



  • Early Life Stress and the Impact on Health Across a Lifetime | with Niki Gratrix

  • The Miracle of Liquid Infoceuticals

  • A short introduction to miHealth

  • Our Story - How NES Health started with a simple question - "How can we help someone heal if he’s too sick to get out of bed?" 



  • Choice Point Masterclass - A 4-part series on Aligning with your true Purpose

  • Using miHealth to Reduce Stress & Boost Immunity 

  • Support Your Immune System RIGHT Now 

  • Managing Stress During Times of Uncertainty

By the way, registering for the Free NES Self-Health Portal automatically makes you a member of the

Bioenergy Plus FREE Membership.

What does that mean?

  • Easy access to your Self-Health Portal - just bookmark the
    NES Self-Health Portal and Log-in with the information you receive by email when you sign up. You can access your portal any time, for a lifetime. 


  • Access to your very own NES scan results - for both humans AND animals!

  • Be the first to hear about any specials, discounts or exciting news in the Bio-Energy Plus/ NES Health world.

We look forward to being a humble gateway on your journey to self-empowered health and wellness!








Dave Burrows
 Founder, BioEnergy Plus


(and the Bioenergy Plus team :)

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