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If you're reading this, then you're ready to take
Self-Health care to the next level...
You just know that having the ability to: 
  • Energetically read your whole body with just your VOICE counting or saying the alphabet for 10 seconds
  • Read your cat, dog, or horse with a handheld energy scanner in as little as 3 seconds
  • AND have insights, tools, and recommendations that are totally unique to you or your pet
Is *exactly* the kind of tool you've been looking for, then...

Click the banner below:
You're ready - and we're ready to get you going!
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And for those who like more details . . .

There are just 2 or 3 easy steps to the BioEnergy Plus Paid Membership:


Step 1:  If you have NOT done so already, sign up for the FREE Self-Health Portal by clicking the button below.

  • Although filled with great general information, the free portal does not allow you to view your own unique scan results. 

  • The results option only opens once a paid membership is started.

  • Click the button below for easy access to Step 1.

  • Then come back to this page for more details on the next steps.


Step 2: Join the BioEnergy Plus Paid Membership for only $75 per person, animal, or child, per month.


  • Frankly, for the amount and quality of information you have access to, we should be charging quite a bit more (and many do, actually.)

    However, we wanted to make this incredible system and information available to as many people as possible. That’s our mission.  And you get to benefit.

  • The monthly membership allows each individual member 1 scan every 6 days (or about once a week.)  This applies to both the Voice Scan or Remote Scanner.

    Scanning yourself every hour on the hour to see what is happening with your body energetically is actually not that helpful.  It WILL change, because we are all energy in motion.

  • However, if you scan yourself once a week, you will notice patterns.  Now that can be VERY helpful!

    Explanations for this can be found in the portal, and if you wish for more detailed help, 45-minute consultations by a qualified practitioner are available as well!

Step 3:  Optional - Purchase the NES Health Scanner

  • For most adults, doing a simple VOICE SCAN is all that's needed.

  • However, since our "furry friends" and "wee little ones" can't always count or say the alphabet for 10 seconds, the remote scanner is the way to go!

  • Luckily, the remote handheld scanner can be completed in as little as 3 seconds, and has been found to be quite accurate and helpful.

    You can complete the whole membership process by clicking the button below:

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Step 4: Follow the recommendations in your portal, based on your scan results.


  • To be clear, your scan recommendations contain BOTH no-cost techniques and actionable steps, as well as remedies you can purchase, such as Infoceuticals.

  • 5 Infoceutical bottles are recommended with each scan, based on your highest priority needs.  You are not obligated, however, to get them all at once.  It is possible to try one at a time, or as your means allow.

That's it.


  1. Sign up for the Free Health Portal.

  2. Start the membership for $75 per person, animal, or child.

  3. Optional: Buy a NES Health Scanner if you want to include your animal companions or small children.

  4. Complete a Voice Scan or NES Remote Scan.

  5. Get recommendations in your portal.

Read the immense amount of information available on your scan. Do it once a week, and watch for patterns or recommendations that keep coming up. 

Pay special attention to those patterns.  Your body is talking and giving you notice that energy isn't flowing as well as it could be. 

SO...If you’re ready to have this leading-edge technology,

literally at the sound of your Voice,

from the comfort of your home,

then click below to join us:

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